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Jeremy Jackson
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Licensed Spiritual Health Coach

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How Can I Be Of Service To You?
Helping employees become entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to become companies through group and individual coaching. Being known as the Clicks and Mortar Queen while  leading a multimillion dollar retail company lends deep understanding to the creation process. Knowing the details of product creation and development, marketing, personnel management, strategic thinking and more, contributes to my ability to help individuals birth new projects and companies become trailblazers in their industries.
Specialized in helping high-achievers learn the skills necessary to shift from stable and frozen to activated & accelerated. The result is a deeper knowing of self, coupled with an ability to quickly shift and adapt to win. 

"It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive {& thrive} but those who can best manage change." --Charles Darwin





Hi, I'm Donnalynn Riley

I teach people how to evolve in order to step fully into their best.
Life can be utterly exhausting when you live in a state of resistance. It creeps in slowly, a tough break, a couple of pieces of "bad luck" and suddenly you can hear yourself thinking cranky, even bitter thoughts. Those thoughts escape from your mouth a few times and now you've created hostility in your relationships and a guilty conscience. 

Evolving. It is what life asks of us on a daily basis. When you are flexible everything feels easy. However, when you have something to lose... the ability to shift and change in rhythm with the world gets impeded. It's easy to see how invested in a particular outcome we become over time. Life gets harder and we say things like, "it's complicated".

Learning to evolve requires a few essential skills, two of which are the ability to accurately diagnose what is happening and the ability to adapt. With these two skills, you are on your way to stepping into your best life.

I have had the privilege of helping people to use these tools to build businesses from the very beginning, grow to the next level, build healthy business relationships (even within family businesses),  and much, much more. 

I look forward to meeting you.
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