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Best Way To Participate In My Path

What is the one place to start when trying to make a change?

by Donnalynn Riley

People have come to me and said, "Oh, you're not really in charge of your own self."

And you know, life happens. And we have in our culture, we have so many sayings about it, right? Life happens, shit happens. So why would we even talk about being in charge of our own path? And I think that sometimes we get confused about what the evidence means. So for me it's always important to bring it back to the core question. 

And the core question is, how can I participate in my path? 

Now it sounds a little wobbly, right? It sounds a little bit like a, I've backed off of a position, but when you see it in reality, you'll know that this is actually the most important question. Let's talk about the beginning of, I'll use my career as an example. The beginning of my career was really in the theater and I was 16 years old or so, and I wanted to be a sound designer.
I had met a sound designer and she was -- I just thought she was the most spectacular person I'd ever met. And I'm pretty sure she was. And she said, "You can do it." And I said, "This is cool."

And I started out on the path, and for me, the only path -- the only ending for this path -- was to work on Broadway. But for the people around me to whom I said, "I'm gonna work on Broadway," they said, "Okay, whatever you say, kid. And yeah, maybe 10 years or something, you will." But three years later I was working on Broadway. In fact, six months later I was working in a, on an off Broadway show like literally right off Broadway -- not like, you know, Peoria off-Broadway. And that's because the only question I asked is what can I do?
How can I show up? Where do I go? What kind of work am I gonna do today? How am I going to participate today? 

So what does it look like when you, some people say you're driven, I'm not big on the word "driven", and I'll tell you the reason is that "driven", sort of has this imagery of like driving over you of doing it at all costs. And we're going to talk about costs in another video. But in this video, I will just say the cost it to be, there are so many successful people who get on camera and get in the news and they say, people say, "How did you do it?" And they say, "Oh, it cost me so much," but the cost is really optional. That cost is up to you. So really the way that that I did it in that young moment of mine and the way that I know works is a way that actually doesn't have the same kind of cost, the same kind of I have to give up a lot of life in order to make it happen kind of cost.
And so like I said, we're going to go deeper on that topic in another video because it's something I've been wanting to talk about for a while. But for this conversation just suffice it to say the cost is not what you would expect. I can tell you that. 

And that core question of not just what am I going to do next, right? The doing seems like it's the most important thing, but how can I participate, really opens the door to know, am I participating in on a mental level? Am I participating on a spiritual level? Am I participating on an emotional level? Am I participating on a physical level? Like what am I going to do today to make this happen? So those are all the questions, right? And, and literally I start in that order. So how can I participate?
Has to start up here, has to start in here, and then it does become action. But that's really the core question, you know, is how am I gonna participate in my life and in what way am I going to steer my life? And as you do that, you start to realize that different things show up. 

I had a client a long time ago who knew that she wanted to become more. And so she said, "Well, I have these spectacular pictures." They are spectacular. They are still to this day, spectacular pictures of her work. And she said, "Yeah, I have these kind of good pictures." And so we said, "Okay." And I was working with her on, on marketing. I'm moving the business forward. In that moment she said, "What can we do with them in order to, you know, go where I want to go?"
And so the question of how can I participate was foremost on her mind. And really what we did next was prepare. And as we prepared, as we prepared the inside world and the outside worlds, we got together those pictures, we put them in places where people would find them. We made it accessible to people as we prepared for that moment then what we never could have expected came in, right? 

We took action, we prepared inside, we prepared outside, we took action and it all came to her and she was published all over the world from that one moment and in multiple magazines and multiple books for years and years and years was born from that one moment. So how can I participate is in fact the most important question. 

So let me ask you, how will you participate in your path? How will you say today I'm going to prepare in this way. Let me know. And if you ever need help with it, I'm always here.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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