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Start Small To Help With Separation Anxiety

Does your dog struggle with separation anxiety?

by Donnalynn Riley

As you are trying to figure out how to help your dog with separation anxiety, developing a comprehensive program to address the root of the problem is important. Here is a tip that will act as a stop-gap until you are able to put together a long-lasting solution to address the deeper issue.

Massaging your dog helps!

It seems silly even to say… so simple. Massage your dog. Massaging your dog everyday makes an emotional and physiological change in your dog that promotes relaxation, health and well-being. Gentle massage can create trust, bonding and a feeling of security in your dog. There are many nuances to dog massage that can activate specific reactions in your dog. 
Start with a general relaxation technique. This is great for anxiety of all sorts. As you do make time in your life for this, find a place to get calm and centered in yourself. Quiet the inner voices that may chatter on and on. Feel the subtle butterflies in your stomach calm and release. Now begin this simple massage with your dog, soothing and calming all the while. 

Keep your hands relaxed and gentle. Using the pads of your fingers (where your finger prints are), gently stroke your dog from the back of the head to the base of the tail, along the spine. Each stroke should be long and slow. Make firm contact with your dog. You should be able to count to 10 for each stoke of your dog’s back. Continue this gentle, purposeful massage all over the body, including the limbs if possible.

Massage has a POSITIVE IMPACT on your dog’s stress level, anxiety, fear, anger, aggression, and even sadness. The power of the touch of human hands is immense. It seems simple, and it is, but also incredibly influential for your dog. Most dogs like to be touched, petted, but massage is different. Massage stimulates specific nerves in your dog’s skin and muscle that help deep relaxation to set in. Do not worry if your dog is reluctant at first, just like people, dogs can sometimes take a while to adjust to being massaged. Be patient and gentle.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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