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What would you do if you were ALL IN?

Asking the right question is crucial to decision-making

by Donnalynn Riley

Recently, a client was struggling with anxiety and decision making. There were so many wonderful paths to go down, it seemed like choosing would only diminish them. In reality, though, without choosing, NONE of them will come to pass. You have heard the old saying, "Not choosing is a choice." It is truly the case.
So when you are in the indecisive space, the question we all try to answer is “Which choice is best? Which is the Right Path?” Except, that question will never lead to an easy selection. 

Either you have lots of opportunities all of which you want in your life, all good possibilities or you have a long list of yucks-ville choices and you find yourself trying to calculate which is the lesser evil. Trying to choose the “least crappy” plan, quite frankly, sucks. Nobody wants to do it. And choosing from all wonderful, exciting choices is not much better. You find yourself running through scenarios of each one, either thinking “OMG, Seriously, I’m gonna have to do THAT?” or “OMG, Seriously? I’m NOT gonna get to do all the other ideas because I will miss my chance because I have to focus in order to accomplish anything? This Bites!” Clearly, choosing is not always easy. 
The whole basis of this thinking is flawed. We never miss out. 

So the question we ought to be asking is… “What would I do if I was ALL IN?” or in boxing parlance, “What would I do right now if I had both feet in the ring?”
It’s an interesting question because you are not asking yourself to commit in any particular direction. In fact, you don’t have to commit in only one direction. This question allows you to take the next step. Just the next step. You don’t have to plan the next 50 steps. Just this next step. It opens the door to movement forward from a perplexed mind.
Once you know what you would do IF you were fully committed, you can evaluate the next question… “Am I willing to take that step? Today? Right Now?”

Now you have a yes/no question that serves you. It also has the extra added bonus of calming all the fear and anxiety in your body. It is much easier to find peace, calm in your thinking, in your stomach even, when you approach the decision-making process this way.
This is part of a much bigger concept about how you want to live your life. When I ask people if they want to be enjoying their lives, they always answer “yes”. But when I ask people what is more important reaching a specific goal or enjoying your life, it gives pause. This “what would I do if I was all in” question, allows you to do both. You received the inspiration that led you to this place of decision, now it is time to stop second-guessing and get squarely behind your own inspiration. Now it is time to start relishing in the wonderful and playful path this inspiration has brought forth to you.

Think about it. Give this a try. Find the ease and joy of micro-commitment. I know you will find it useful, productive and especially calming.
Let me know how it goes & Good luck!
Let’s Talk
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Let’s plan out:
 1. How to divide the thoughts into smaller “bite size” pieces for consideration.
 2. The steps involved in order to get a clear and easy decision you can be happy about.
 3. Identifying those things that could possibly hold you back from the progress you desire.

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